Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensionsThe eyes are known for symbolically representing truth and the gateway to one’s soul. Establishing eye contact can have a significant effect when interacting with others. There are many options to get the gorgeous eyes that you want.

Eyelash extensions can provide longer, thicker, curlier, and fuller volume eyelashes. Applying eyelash extensions at a medical spa helps ensure long-lasting, quality eyelashes. ENVY works with various skin sensitivities to prevent your skin from breaking out. We offer a variety of false eyelash styles to enhance your natural eyelashes.


Deluxe Eyelash Extensions

Classic (Faux Mink)                           Org: $88                                      Return: $58

New Ellipse (Flat)                             Org: $98                                      Return:$68

Real Mink                                         Org: $108                                    Return $78

Refill Eyelash Extensions

Classic Refill         1 week                          $25                  (2-8days)

Classic Refill         1.5 weeks                      $30                  (9-13days)

Classic Refill         2 weeks                         $35                  (14-17days)

Classic Refill        2.5 weeks                       $40                   (18-20days)

Classic Refill        3 weeks                          $45                   (21-24days)

Classic Refill        3.5 weeks                       $50                   (25-27days)

Classic Refill        4 weeks                          $55                   (28-31days)


Flat Lashes Refill                                        Plus $5 on Classic Refill

Real Mink Refill                                          Plus $10 on Classic Refill

3D Refill                                                     Plus $15 on Classic Refill

4-6D Refill                                                  Plus $20 on Classic Refill

Russian Volume Refill                                Plus $25 on Classic Refill

Eyelashes Removal from Other Spa          $20